Empower India Share Price Target (2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 to 2050)

Today we will try to make a prediction for Empower India Share Price Target for the years 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 to 2050.

Empower India Share Price Target

Also, I have studied lots of major pros and cons which you should know before buying this stock. Which we are going to discuss in this article.

I have gathered the information from the internet and sum up them in one place and according to those stats I have predicted the price too.

So if you want Empower India Share Price Prediction for the years 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 to 2050 then here it is for you.

What is Empower India?

Empower India is a company that offers its users digital-related solutions for various purposes such as entertainment, trade, and business.

It’s been two decades since the company has become a name in its industry it can be for reputation or maybe for its size over the years.

Company NameEmpower India Ltd.
MARKET CAP₹138.49 Cr
NO. OF SHARES116.38 Cr.

History Of Empower India

1981Incorporation of Mahajan Trading Company
1992Name change to Harijay Industries Ltd.
2002Acquisition of 68% voting capital by Dewang Master, Approval for bonus share issuance
2003Name change to Empower Industries India Ltd.
2005Offered 2:5 shares at a premium, Face value split to Re 1
2007Joint venture with SPS Inc, Increased authorized share capital, Planned fund raise of USD 122 million
2010Issued bonus shares in the ratio of 23:2
2011Name change to Empower India Ltd.
2012Appointment of Ms. Tarjani Pandya as Compliance Officer
2013Acquisition of Uniheal Foods
2014Appointment of Mr. Kiran Thakore and Mr. Nikhil Pednekar as Independent Directors

Empower India Financial Trends

The financial stats are increasing for empower India Limited and give a green sign to its shareholders as we can see that in 2021 the company made its revenue as zero ₹0 and in 2023 9.23 Cr₹ which is huge for a digital solution company.

empower india revenue
empower India profit
empower India net worth
Net Worth

Also, the price is increasing due to its good structure of planning in the company which makes it a final green sign for the share holders.

Share Holders

empower India share holding

Pros & Cons Of The Company

  • The company has very little debt.
  • Its PEG ratio stands at 0.44.
  • The company manages its cash well with a Cash Conversion Cycle of 31.73 days.
  • The company’s ability to make profits from its funds is negative.
  • The company’s efficiency in using its capital to generate profits is also negative over the last 3 years.

Empower India Share Price Target 2050, 2030, 2025, 2024

YearShare Price Target Range
20241.63 – 3.9
20253.9 – 5.3
20265.4 – 9.5
20279.6 – 13.6
202813.7 – 18.9
203013.9 – 26.7
205056.9 – 87.9

Empower India Share Price Target 2024

From generating 0₹ revenue in 2021 to becoming the 9cr revenue generator from loss it’s huge for a digital solution company.

Now in 2024, the price mark means Empower India Share Price Target 2024 will be from 1.65₹ – 3.9₹ seeing the fundamentals of the company.

Empower India Share Price Target 2025

To discuss Empower India Share Price Target 2025 we will need to predict with the help of loss the company contains according to our sources the company’s Market Cap is ₹138.49 Cr and I think having huge market capitalization in this industry is great.

Now in 2025, the company will generate 3.9₹ to 5.3₹ and that’s well and good.

Empower India Share Price Target 2030

Now in 2030, the price mark means Empower India’s Share Price Target 2030 will be from 13.9₹ – 26.7₹ seeing the fundamentals of the company.

The price may vary as company can go into a loss or can be in profit in the future no one can predict but 60% chance that the company will score well in their tests.

Empower India Share Price Target 2050

I am writing this article in the year 2024 and from now I think after 26 years Empower India Share Price Target in 2050 will be huge.

According to my research, it will go from 56.9₹ – 87.9₹ at max. Which is good for a company there will be ups and downs but yes the company will have its green signal for the growth in future.

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FAQ You May Ask

What is Empower India’s Share Price Target?

Empower India’s stock price target is the price at which experts expect the stock price to go in the following years.

What is the future of Empower India Share?

Empower India has strong fundamentals is well-positioned and can give you high profits in the future.


So finally, I discussed with you all the points on Empower India Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 to 2050.

Now it’s your turn to focus on your decision whether you will or not or if you want to make decisions for whether to hold or sell you can choose now.

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