13 Best Stock Research Websites of 2024

This is a list of the 17 Best Stock Research Websites on the planet.

Best Stock Research Websites Tools

These websites have helped me to analyze and helped me to pick my best profitable stocks.

The best part?

All of these stock research websites tools work GREAT in 2024.

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Investing is like navigating through a big jungle. Research websites act like maps and flashlights which guide us through the trees and bushes of the stock market

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13 Best Free Stock Research Websites

Here are the best websites to research stocks right now:

1. Motley Fool

The highest profitable percentage research tool is here for you.

Motley Fool is a common tool among all investors to analyze stocks. They provide stock analysis and research tools for investors.

Motley Fool can also called a knowledge hub for new and expert investors as their newsletter is the best source for the latest updates and information.

In the last 15 years, they have the best return that is 332% & S&P return of 110%

Stock Research Websites
What Motley Fool DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Analysis, News, Market, Forum
Unique FeaturesExpert Articles, Investment Community
Best forLong-term Investors, Beginners
PriceFree with Limited Access
SubscriptionMembership Subscription for Full Access
TrialNo Trial Period

They will offer you:

  • Choose stocks for your portfolio
  • Get two new stock suggestions each month
  • Buy 10 stocks from a selection of 300 options
  • Access lots of learning materials about investing

Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is for those who want to step into an aggressive stock & competitive market. By their investor’s advice you can get a high profit percentage in just a year.

The average return of their rule breaker service is 177% return.

They will offer these services:

  • Start your investment journey with chosen stocks
  • Learn about a new stock every second and fourth Thursday with clear explanations by their experts
  • Expert chose the best 5 stocks to buy right now

Best For

The Motley Fool is great for almost any investor. They are great for learning about investing in an easy-to-understand way. They are also best for their stock recommendations from the last 15 years. New to the stock market no worries they will help you to grow your portfolio.

Why Choose This?

Motley Fool’s return from the last 15 years is just good in percentage and their stock recommendation never gets loss. So if you are new to the stock market no worries for you they will help you with this too, with their best stock picks and analysis.

2. SeekingAlpha

There’s a free version available for you to use.

Best actionable stock market opinion and analysis for you.

SeekingAlpha is the best stock research tool with all the best features like stock market research, analysis, and forums.

Overall 16000+ users are using Seekingalpha stock analysis tools which is huge.

There’s a newsfeed, the latest updates available for you to be updated every second by their own stock writers experts.

There’s 7 Days free trial for you.

Seeking Alpha
What Seeking Alpha DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Analysis, News, Market, Forum
Unique FeaturesCommunity of Investors, Articles from Experts
Best forActive Traders, Individual Investors
PriceFree with Limited Access
$189/year for Premium
Trial7 Days Free Trial

Additionally to this, they also have Premium Alpha service which will cost you 449$ per year. In this service, you will get 2 stocks every month by them with their in-depth guide. Many users use this to pick the best out of the best ones.

Seeking Alpha Picks

Need some criteria:

  • The stock price must be above $10.
  • It should maintain a high Quant rating for at least 75 days.
  • It must belong to a large-cap company.
  • It should not have been recommended in the past year.

Seeking Alpha Premium $189/year + Get 7 day free trial

Seeking Alpha Premium included all Financial statements, stock screeners, call transcripts, dividend earnings forecasts, etc. In addition to this you will receive premium analysis from high-value experts and investors which will help you to grow your portfolio to a large number.

Best For

Seeking Alpha is the best research website for active traders and individual investors who are actively engaged in the stock market and want a platform where they will get in-depth stock analysis, news, and market forums.

Why Choose This?

SeekingAlpha can be the best choice for those who want to be successful in the stock market as there are all the tools that an investor needs in one place like stock analysis, news, etc. Now choosing this will be your decision my tip is to go for it.

3. Morningstar

The Best Fundamental Analysis & ETF research website for you.

Morningstar offers a wide range of tools for free including the stock research tool and the reporting of the economy tool.

Now only they give us a variety of articles to look into for the latest updates on stocks.

Charts & Company Information helps many investors like me to conduct proper research on a particular stock.

Now the premium plan offers the best out of the best stock picks and premium tools for investors.

14 Days Free! Trial for you.

Stock Research Websites
What Morningstar DoesAbout It
FeaturesFinancial Data, Research Reports, Portfolio Analysis
Unique FeaturesMorningstar Rating, Analyst Reports
Best forLong-term Investors, Fund Managers
Price$199-$449/year for investors
$0 for Basic.
Trial14-Day Free Trial

You will get the following:

  • Stock screeners for detailed stock research
  • Access to premium data and stock ratings
  • Access to experts recommended stock picks
  • Portfolio X-Ray for a comprehensive view of your portfolio

Drawbacks you may face:

  • Some ratings focus only on past performance.
  • Screener tools can be confusing and hard to use.

Best For

Morningstar is the best research website for those who are Active traders & Intermediate investors to level up their starter portfolio and are interested in ETF also can go for this website.

Why To Choose This?

Morningstar is the best choice for you if you want to start from basic and want a user-friendly tool. Their data is sorted according to the investors so that they can get the best picks. They offer stock research, tax planning, stock screener, etc for you. Also, many other stock market apps use their data to show up the stats. Now it’s totally up to you what to choose.

4. TradingView

The Best Technical Analysis Website For Stock Investors.

TradingView offers screening, charting, news, forums, and many more to their customers.

They have almost 206 Million Monthly Users, according to Similar.

Over 160 indicators, 16 charts in one layout some are them are Kag, Point & Figur, Heikin Ashi, Renko & LineBreak.

According to some research, there are 100+ options for drawing, analysis, charts, etc.

Tradingview is among the best sites for those who want to buy or sell stocks but need to do research before making decision.

There’s a 25% discount for you.

Stock Research Websites
What TradingView DoesAbout It
Market InsightsShows real-time charts, news, and lists of stocks.
Special FeaturesHas tools for trading, trying out strategies, and a forum.
Who It’s ForMade for people who trade in stocks, forex, or cryptocurrency.
How Much It CostsStarts at $0, and there’s a free version to try.
Try It FirstYou can use it for free for 30 days.
Save MoneyGet 25% off if you sign up.
Stock MarketCovers all kinds of stocks around the world.

Best Feature Massive Selection Of Indicators No Limit.

You will get the following:

  • Access to over 100+ Indicators
  • Access to over 50+ Drawing tools
  • 12+ Alert Condition Of Real Time
  • Create your indicators, drawings & strategies.
  • Unique Charts Patterns for you
  • A large Number Of Investors Community

Drawbacks you may face:

  • The free version has limitations; paid plans offer advanced features
  • Primarily for technical analysis enthusiasts
  • Not ideal for all trading styles
  • Lacks built-in stock screening feature

Best For

TradingView is the best tool for those who want to do day or swing trading. Fast, accurate, and have a large number of options to work with.

Why To Choose This?

If you are mostly reliable on real-time data and want to communicate with other like-minded investors then this one is a gem for you. If you are a day or swing trader you need to have this tool in your list.

5. Stock Rover

StockRover is a great website for analysis it can be fundamental it can be technical it’s the one of best ones in the market. They offer a variety of things for investors some of them are managing your portfolio, charts, easy-to-understand reports, stock screeners etc.

I fell in love with their analysis of portfolio tools just connect your brokerage account and you are set to go.

Not only this they offer you alerts in an instant which is very good to be always updated with something new information.

Stock Research Websites
What Stock Rover DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Analysis, Portfolio Management, Research Reports
Unique FeaturesAdvanced Stock Screening, Portfolio Tracking, Comparison Tools
Best forLong-Term Investors, DIY Portfolio Managers
PriceStarts at $7.99/month
TrialFree with Limited Access
RegionU.S. and Global

You will receive the following:

  • Get email updates on how your investments are doing
  • Use tools to adjust your portfolio as needed
  • Plan your trades with helpful tools for making the right decisions

Best For

StockRover is best for fundamentals analysis and if you want a user-friendly stock screener with it.

Why To Choose This?

If you have the best portfolio analysis website with fundamental analysis and user-friendly ui then you can choose this one for you. It’s in the top 5 list.

6. Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research provides a free version with past content not up-to-date. Premium offers great content with up-to-date stats.

You need to log in to view the information there’s no newsletter or alerts for you.

I liked the two bear and bull stocks for you by the experts also free access to general market and economic data.

Stock Research Websites
What Zacks Investment Research DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Analysis, Research Reports, Recommendations
Unique FeaturesExtensive Coverage, Proprietary Rating System, Earnings Estimates
Best forActive Traders, Investors Seeking Comprehensive Research
TrialNo Free Trial
RegionU.S. and Global

Also, they offer you:

  • Zacks: Top Stocks
  • Industry Rankings
  • Premium Screening
  • Morningstar: Top 50 Stocks
  • Style Scores
  • Earnings Surprises

Best For

Zack’s research tools are great for those who are dependent on research. Also, you will get stock picks there ranks that are good for a beginner to level up their portfolio.

Why Choose This?

Zach Research can be the best choice for you as this is an advanced research tool with no newsletter support just log in when needed and do your research that simple.

7. Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is the best for news before they make some changes in the market. They are best for information for swing and day traders too.

They are super fast and user-friendly because of their customizable newsfeed for their users.

There are also filters to filter the best out of the best information.

Stock Research Websites
What Benzinga DoesAbout It
FeaturesFinancial News, Market Analysis, Investment Ideas
Unique FeaturesReal-Time News, Analyst Ratings, Options Alerts
Best forActive Traders, Investors Seeking Breaking News
Price$27 – $177/month
TrialNo Free Trial
RegionU.S. and Global

They Do the Following thing more for you:

  • Insider Tracker: Track insider activities
  • Calendar: Access reports, IPOs, and data for the year
  • Audio Squawk: Receive news updates from them
  • Charting: View portfolio performance and many more
  • Stock Scanner: Real-time updates with their stock scanner

Best For

Benzinga Pro is best for those who do proper research before selecting their stocks and if you want to be updated to make decisions for which stock you have to keep an eye then this one is best for you.

Why To Choose This?

Benzinga Pro can be a good choice for those who are dependent mostly on news for stock updates.

8. TradeStation Analytics

TradeStation Analytics is a platform with advanced analytics tools for investors. Just take their brokerage service and access their website for free.

This website can analyze all stocks, ETFs, and many more. They also provide charts, data, stats, and many more to do research.

Stock Research Websites
What TradeStation DoesAbout It
FeaturesTrading Platform, Brokerage Services, Analytical Tools
Unique FeaturesAdvanced Charting, Strategy Trading, Customizable Alerts
Best forActive Traders, Technical Analysts
PriceVaries Depending on Account Type and Activity
TrialNo Free Trial
RegionU.S. and Global

This tool can offer you:

  • RadarScreen: Real-time opportunities to track the stocks
  • Matrix: Entry/exit advice by experts
  • OptionStation Pro: they also help us in Option trading
  • EasyLanguage: Create your Custom indicators
  • Portfolio Maestro: Backtesting tool for you
  • TradeStation Scanner: Use their Stock screening

Best For

TradeStation is best for investors who have their brokerage service as the tool can be accessed by their subscribers only.

Why To Choose This?

If you want a brokerage service with analytical tools, guidance and many more then you can choose this one for you. Everything is available here for you to make your portfolio the best.

9. TradeIdeas

The future of stock market tools is here Trade Ideas which uses artificial intelligence to pick stocks for you.

Also in more, there is a Holly for you to guide and assist your stocks by analyzing the fundamentals and technicals of the stock.

There is a virtual room where you can test your strategies without risk and

AI assistants and virtual rooms are the key products of Trade Ideas.

Stock Research Websites
What Trade Ideas DoesAbout It
FeaturesAI-driven Stock Screener, Real-time Market Scanning
Unique FeaturesHolly AI Assistant, Strategy Backtesting
Best forDay Traders, Those Seeking Automated Trading Solutions
PriceStarts at $118/month
TrialNo Free Trial
RegionU.S. and Canada

Best For

Trade Ideas is best for those who want to automate their stock-picking decision instead of your research AI will do your work. Not for advance but for practice purposes it is good for beginners.

Why Choose This?

Choosing Tradeideas will reduce your work foremost as AI will do the work of finding the best stock for you also it will analyze and give the fundamental data for you.

10. Google Finance

The best free stock research website tool for everyone.

When it comes to Google everybody gets excited because it will offer the best experience right?

Google Finance is a tool developed by Google for investors who want to level up their stock portfolio. It can be used by anyone with basic to advanced level experience.

Access to all the data, and news updates of stocks available in the thick world right now in seconds.

There is no complicated design just a simple UI that can be understood by anyone.

Stock Research Websites
What Google Finance DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Quotes, News, Portfolio Tracking
Unique FeaturesIntegration with Google Search, Customizable Watchlists
Best forCasual Investors, Those Seeking Basic Market Information

Best For

Google Finance is best for beginners with less budget or no budget for advanced tools. If you want just data on the stock and don’t want advanced-level screener then go for it.

Who To Choose This?

While starting the journey of investing there is no budget for beginners to invest in high-level tools as there is no income and also a lack of knowledge which can make the beginner confused to avoid this he/she can start with this tool that is just awesome and beginner friendly.

11. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a famous site that has lots of analysis tools it’s like a hub for investors in one place. There are plenty of free features for you offered by Yahoo.

It depends on how you use the site for yourself and integrate it into your daily investing use.

Also, their report is provided by Morningstar Research Website.

Stock Research Websites
What Yahoo Finance DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Quotes, News, Portfolio Tracking
Unique FeaturesCommunity Forums, Analyst Ratings, Financial Data
Best forIndividual Investors, Traders Seeking Detailed Information
Price$20.83 – $29.16/month

They offer you:

  • Historical Charts
  • Indicators
  • Trade ideas
  • Stock analysis
  • Chat with Community insights

Best For

Yahoo is best for beginners and medium-range investors their tools are quite good and their premium offers you also advanced tools for use. They also offer news to keep updated.

Why Choose This?

Choosing Yahoo! can be good if you don’t want complicated tools and just want simple and easy-to-use tools with user-friendly UI. They offer quite good tools in one place don’t miss them out.


Financial Visualization also known as FinVIZ is a powerful stock screener and research tool for Stock investors.

Users of the Finviz application can access Elite membership for free. Also, many things can be used for free in this website.

There is a Macro View Of the market, Search by patterns is the best feature of them.

Stock Research Websites
What Finviz DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Screening, Interactive Charts, Market Analysis
Unique FeaturesReal-time Market Data, Heatmaps, Insider Trading Information
Best forSwing Traders, Investors Seeking Visual Market Insights
PriceStarts at $39.50/month
TrialNo Free Trial
RegionU.S. and Global

Best For:

Best For Those who want an advanced powerful screener for their research purpose. Investors and traders can use this as it can be used for finding regular information and using powerful tools.

Why To Choose This?

The Stock Screener is best for equity index traders who are dependent of the screeners. Also, it helps to find ETFs and do advanced studies on them. This is the best one if you focus mainly on screeners and charts.

13. Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St is a powerful stock analysis tool with lots of advanced features. Best for displaying fundamental stats graphically.

Stock Research Websites
What Simply Wall St DoesAbout It
FeaturesStock Analysis Portfolio Tracking Investment Insights
Unique FeaturesVisual Analysis Tools Snowflake Analysis Dividend Forecasting
Best forLong-Term Investors Dividend Growth Investors
PriceStarts at $18.99/month
Trial14 Days Free Trial

They Will Offer You:

  • Stock Analysis
  • Investment Insights
  • Portfolio Tracking

Best For:

Best for those who want to do advanced stock analysis and portfolio tracking.

Why choose this:

If you want to advance your portfolio just no more explanation go for this.

What are Stock Research Tools?

Stock research tools are the tools that are used by investors to find the correct data on any stock. Not only data but also they can find any stats, or news related to that stock in one place.

This tool offers stock picks and recommendation services which is good for investors to build their portfolio to the next level.

Types of Analysis

There are two types by which stock tools defer:

  • Technical: Technical Analysis follows the historical find method by which you do some study on the past performance of the company and make decisions on those stats.
  • Fundamental: fundamental analysis is quite different it focuses more on seeing the company’s economy and how company growth is proportional to how the company operates.

Best Stock Screener 2024

This is the best stock screener according to us for the year 2024:

Stock ScreenerMonthly PriceBest FeaturesExchanges Followed
1) Motley FoolStarts at $199/yearStock recommendations, investment adviceU.S, Canada & Can Be Global
2) SeekingAlphaFree with Limited Access
$189/year for Premium
Stock analysis, news, forumsGlobal
3) MorningStarFree with Limited Access
$199/year for Premium
Stock research, analysis, ratingsGlobal
4) TradingVuewStarts at $9.95/mo.Advanced charting, technical analysisGlobal
5) Stock RoverStarts at $7.99/mo.The stock rating system can cause confusionU.S. and Canada
6) Zacks Investment Research$249/yearHuge number of metricsGlobal
7) Tradestation AnalyticsVaries Depending on Account Type and ActivityTrading Platform, Brokerage Services, Analytical ToolsU.S. and Global
8) Trade IdeasStarts at $118/mo.AI Assistant stock screenerU.S. and Canada
9) Google FinanceFreeStock quotes, news, portfolio trackingGlobal
10) Yahoo! FinanceFreeStock quotes, news, portfolio trackingGlobal
11) FinvizStarts at $39.50/mo.Lots of graphics and interactive chartsU.S. and global
12) TC200Starts at $9.99/mo.Good screening toolsU.S. and Canada
  • Motley Fool
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Morningstar
  • TradingView
  • Stock Rover
  • Zacks
  • Trade Ideas
  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo Finance

Best Free Stock Screeners

These are the best free stock screeners you can get for you:


Stock ScreenerMonthly PriceExchanges Followed
FINVIZStarts at $39.50/mo.U.S. and global


Stock ScreenerMonthly PriceExchanges Followed
Zacks$249/yr.U.S. and global


Stock ScreenerMonthly PriceExchanges Followed
Starts at $14.95/mo.U.S. and global

Best Website For Financial News

RankStock NewsletterStock PicksAverage ReturnS&P500 ReturnExcess ReturnPercent ProfitableMax % ReturnMin % Return
1The Motley Fool Stock Advisor2419.9%13.1%6.7%83%107%-28%
2The Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks2418.8%12.7%6.0%79%73%-41%
3Seeking Alpha Alpha Picks2417.7%12.6%5.0%83%64%-20%
4ZACKS Value Investor1217.9%13.0%4.9%75%127%-35%
5The Motley Fool Rule Breakers2415.4%11.7%3.6%71%123%-39%
6Real Estate Investors1214.6%11.9%2.7%83%44%-11%
7Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus10110.6%11.1%-0.5%48%96%-51%
8Zacks Top 101023.2%26.2%-3%60%120%-24%
9Top Under $1059-2.4%2.8%-5.2%36%130%-44%
10Home Run Investor46-1.8%3.6%-5.4%50%49%-29%
11Dogs of the Dow1014.5%26.2%-11.7%70%95%-25%
12IBD Top 50 Leaderboard5013.5%26.2%-12.7%n/an/an/a
  • Motley Fool
  • Seeking Alpha
  • MorningStar
  • Zacks Investment Research
  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo! Finance

Securities and Exchange Boards (SEBS) Websites

FAQ You May Ask Us:

What is the most accurate stock prediction website?

Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha predictions can be considered as the most accurate ones. You can try them for your portfolio.

What is the best stock-picking site?

Seeking Alpha, Zacks, And Motley Fool are the top picks I can say worked for me. Go for one of them.

Which trading site is best for beginners?

For beginners, I will suggest stock on Google Finance until you earn your first profit from the stock market.


Anything I Missed?

So those are my favorite stock market website tools that I use for myself.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any websites that you love… but didn’t mention in this list?

Or maybe you have a question.

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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